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Links of Interest

I love this website! If you have any questions about the Havanese or Hava-Apso breeds, they have the answers. Check it out!

The American Kennel Club website. Loads of useful information on the Havanese breed.

An excellent website that researches and rates different brands of dog food. Very informative...I use this website all the time!

I get most of my supplies through Chewy. All orders over $49 are delivered right to your door in about 2 days. Their prices and vast selection of items are second to none and their customer service is excellent!

Another great website. Get your new puppy's pictures printed on your bank checks or other items. You will love this website!

A reasonably priced pet supply retailer for all your puppy needs.

A pet supply retailer with some unique breed specific items.

Another pet supply retailer where you can find some good bargains.

They make beautiful Havanese car magnets. Excellent quality and graphics...I love them!

They create beautiful (& funny) Havanese refrigerator magnets and other items. You won't be able to resist them!

Excellent quality Havanese T-shirts and sweatshirts. You just gotta have one (or two!).

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