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Are Havanese Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Yes! Havanese are a small hypoallergenic dog that hardly drools or sheds. 

For those of you out there who suffer from allergies to dogs, many may be wondering are Havanese hypoallergenic? Thankfully, these beautiful dogs not only make excellent companion animals, but their silky hair is great for people who are looking for a dog who won’t trigger their allergies.


You may be wondering just what makes a Havanese hypoallergenic. Three different qualities set the Havanese breed apart as a hypoallergenic dog. Most people who suffer from dog allergies are actually allergic to a dog’s dander and saliva. Like many hypoallergenic dogs, the Havanese does not tend to drool much. Secondly, their unique, silky, double layered coat sheds little, and produces far less dander than dogs that typically trigger allergic reactions. Though no dog is ever completely hypoallergenic, these traits are often enough to help the Havanese not to cause an adverse reaction in allergic people.

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